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We arrived this morning at the office to find we have had our power restored. Power/Phones/Internet are all up. Thanks for your patience.

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Time Management

There are only 24 hours in a day! In order to get everything done at the Practice AND still have some personal time, consider the mantra “Doctors do Doctor Work!” The doctor is most effective seeing patients. Inventory management, accounting, and drawing blood should be done by other team members.

Through effective hiring, training and delegating, your staff can help you focus on the doctor work. Having written protocols and training manuals available to staff will help standardize the training process. Regularly scheduled staff meetings will reinforce the training and keep the lines of communication open in the Practice..

Delegating work to your staff will get projects done while you are seeing patients. When you delegate work be sure to be clear in your expectations, explain the assignment, set a deadline, be available to provide guidance as needed, and expect results!

As your practice grows, there is less and less available time to “do everything.” Avoid the urge to “do vs. delegate” and you will increase your personal time while maintaining your sanity. We help our Practice owners make the transition from “do everything” to “do appropriate things.” This can be done while still retaining control of your Practice!

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