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We arrived this morning at the office to find we have had our power restored. Power/Phones/Internet are all up. Thanks for your patience.

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Our Role

As an owner you are the CEO and may well be the CWO (Chief Worry Officer). Owners enjoy success stories, but also know about sleepless nights, awakening in the middle of the night worrying about business and business anxieties. Your business is not publicly held, so your wealth, health and life are all at stake every day and some days you really feel the risk factor. You only have so much time in a day and recognize areas of your business where outside expertise will make yours a stronger organization.

We have been consultants and accountants to entrepreneur owned businesses since 1976 and understand good business people evaluate down side risks and then proceed in an organized and appropriate manner. We have helped many clients on this journey and understand there are methods and systems that decrease worry and anxiety. These same methods help you run a better and more profitable business.

Providing our clients with guidance in business, financial and operational issues is our primary role. We focus on helping you run a strong business with good reporting of results and early detection of problems. We want to decrease owner concerns to a manageable level by providing you with the information you need to know that your business is running in a well focused manner.



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