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We arrived this morning at the office to find we have had our power restored. Power/Phones/Internet are all up. Thanks for your patience.

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Human Resources

People at all levels from top doctor to new kennel cleaner are:

  • Your biggest investment
  • Your biggest revenue generators
  • CAN be your biggest liabilities

Unless you are a single doctor ambulatory equine practice working 26 hours a day, eight days a week, people are a necessary part of your practice’s life. Having the right people in the right seat of your bus can make a major difference in the success or failure of your practice.

We can help you with selecting the right people – individuals who have the skills you need even if they don’t have 20 years experience working in a practice exactly like yours. We can help you evaluate the staff you currently have to help assure that they are doing the things they should be doing, like to do and in general, help them work to their highest potential.

Having a staff doing the things they like to do and a staff who understands the role they play and who feels they are contributing to the success of the practice will go a long way in keeping them motivated and challenged.

We can help with staff issues and we can help you determine if your people strategies are “feel good” strategies or if your strategies are helping you achieve the goals you have established for your practice.

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