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We arrived this morning at the office to find we have had our power restored. Power/Phones/Internet are all up. Thanks for your patience.

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Hardware Selection

Choosing the proper hardware for your company can be a daunting task. The world of hardware moves at a breakneck pace. There is an old saying that as soon as your hardware installation is complete, it is obsolete. Finding a satisfactory solution includes weighing many options at once. These options include choosing the hardware supplier, the budget for the project, and the compatibility of the solution.

Where are you going to purchase your system? Do you go with a major hardware player like Dell or HP? Joe’s Computer Shack at the end of your street? What’s the difference? Is any part of your current system a cost effective component of the new system?

How much should you spend on your solutions? Break the bank for cutting edge technology? Save some money buying refurbished equipment? Go for something middle of the road? Your budget is a very important piece to the puzzle, and getting the most out of it is imperative to accomplishing your goals. Under spending can be as detrimental to success as over spending.

Although obscure, there is a sweet spot between cost, performance, and quality. Finding this balance is something we can help you obtain.

Making educated decisions regarding new hardware deployments can not only save you significant money, but also save you countless future headaches. Our considerable experience in designing and purchasing hardware configurations allows us to guide you throughout this process.

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