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Compliance Issues

Are your clients adhering to your recommendations?  How do you know?

One of the reasons you have chosen your profession is to deliver high quality care to your patients. One of the ways to insure that the care you feel is important is actually given to your patients is to read Pathways to High Quality Care, a publication of the American Animal Hospital Association, do the Compliance measuring tool, and then set about increasing the follow through on recommendations made.

When we are asked “How do we increase revenue in our practice?”, one of our first responses is “measure compliance” and then set about increasing it. The benefit to increasing revenue by increasing compliance is that the animals win. Yes, the practice generally makes more money, but more importantly the animals receive the care or treatment that you believe is most important. After all, isn’t that why you chose to become a veterinarian in the first place? When marketing is looked at from this perspective, it is much easier to get staff to buy in which helps guarantee the success of the undertaking.

We have helped our clients use the AAHA compliance tool, interpret the results, develop protocols for increasing compliance and monitor for results.  Using the compliance tool technique is a great way to test the effectiveness of your health care delivery in many areas of your practice.

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